Chaucer on BBC News

Yesterday, CEO Andy Ducker appeared on BBC Business Live’s Inside Track on BBC World News to discuss Chaucer Food Group and his role as chief executive.  In the interview with presenters Sally Bundock and Ben Bland, Andy discussed the benefits of being a globally diversified company in terms of navigating a post-Brexit landscape as well as Chaucer’s growth plans in the US where there is a growing appetite for health and wellness products and natural ingredients. When asked about what makes Chaucer different from other companies in the freeze-dried food market, Andy explained that it is Chaucer’s outstanding food application expertise, global presence and the importance it places on food safety and traceability that makes it stand out from the crowd.

To view Andy’s interview on BBC Business Live ‘please click here

Andy Ducker goes on to say, “A huge advantage of freeze-dried fruit is that unlike traditional dried fruit, freeze-dried foods require no additives, no added preservatives and certainly no extra sugar. There are many other benefits too. Freeze-dried products have an extended shelf life, they can be easily distributed and transported on a global scale, and allow manufacturers to make claims for using real fruit or real vegetables in their finished products.

“We are committed to research and development and always looking to understand the trends in the use of freeze-dried ingredients and what areas they can be utilised.  While breakfast cereals make up a large proportion of where we’re seeing freeze-dried products being used, we’re seeing rapid growth in the snacking, confectionary and bakery categories as consumers look for healthier alternatives. We’ve also identified a need for functional foods as ingredients within finished products and are currently looking at how the freeze-dried process can play into that trend.”