Chaucer acquisition by Nagatanien

Chaucer, the global producer of freeze-dried foods and specialist bread products, is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by Nagatanien, a Japanese-based manufacturer and distributor of premixed and instant food.

The acquisition brings together two well-established and successful businesses that share the same corporate philosophies and aligned strategies, with a central focus on health and wellness products and natural ingredients. Further to this, it will serve as a strategic growth platform for both companies, allowing each to benefit from their existing relationships and their respective infrastructures.

Nagatanien’s acquisition of Chaucer will allow the UK-based manufacturer to further expand its global operating platform and allow the Company to take advantage of growth opportunities in its markets. The current management team will be retained and CEO Andy Ducker will lead the Group along its current direction towards becoming a stronger global business with expanded routes to market.

Founded in 1953 and based in Tokyo, Nagatanien is considered the leader in instant and freeze-dried Japanese food, and will use the partnership with Chaucer to enter new markets and provide it with access to clean label products, thus expanding its global footprint.

Andy Ducker, CEO of Chaucer commented:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Nagatanien. They are a longstanding business and the leading brand in the Japanese market for premixed, instant and freeze-dried food. From inception Nagatanien’s corporate philosophy has been “Aji-Hitosuji” translating to ‘naturally excellent taste’, and this is perfectly aligned with our own attitude of producing healthy ingredients to meet the growing trend towards healthy eating and nutrition.

The Group is excited by the cross-selling and growth opportunities that this partnership opens up to both parties and I look forward to working with the Nagatanien team.”