Meringue Trends 2017

The Meringue is back!

Forget what you thought you knew about Meringues. Times, and Meringues, have changed. No longer simply a crunchy addition to strawberries and cream, what people have been getting up to with Meringues is amazing. And, in 2017, it’s only going to get messier.

So, if you want some inspiration about just what’s possible with a Meringue and an imagination (and maybe the odd other ingredient), then here’s our pick of the top trends within the Meringue world right now.


Sprinkles no longer doing the job? Marshmallows melting? Squirty cream lacking texture? Well guess what, some genius came up with the solution, we present the Meringue coffee.

Any shape you want and it holds. You can even add freeze dried flavourings to accompany the coffee. Endless flavour and design combinations await.


What’s wrong with a meringue just being a meringue? Nothing. Although that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also look amazing, and they do.

Marbling, with just some food colouring, let’s you transform something humble into something truly beautiful. Add some appropriate flavourings and boom. A simple meringue, only so much better.

Cake topping

With just a few tweaks Meringue can create truly fascinating, textured and colourful cake toppings-often more exciting than the cakes themselves. And, even more exciting, they can be just as delicious-which is often where other cake toppings fall down.

Grown up Confectionary

With the rise of artisan everything, confectionary has also begun exploring some seriously fascination combinations. And, Meringue is now being used by some very inventive people to make for some very indulgent treats. Small, unexpected and delicious.

Weddings are the perfect setting for Meringue. There’s so many possible uses for them throughout the big day (and not just as a huge style of dress).

From the cakes to dessert, even down to wonderfully light treats and favours (anything from pops, kisses, sandwiches and beyond). Their versatility in shape, colour, size and texture added to their simplicity are perfect for adding that personal touch to a very personal day.

A healthier, ‘free from’ alternative

Most people are aware that Meringues can be a healthier dessert option. But their versatility is proving boundless. You can now get ‘free-from’ and allergy specific Meringues. It can even be Vegan, by using Chickpeas (who knew?).

Cerealisation of breakfast

Breakfast is big business these days. From hipster breakfast cafes (Cereal Killer) to Graze like home delivery (The Cereal Club) and more. It’s going to be a big year for breakfast. And, with the sudden foodisation of cereal, it is no longer simply a bowl of flakes and berries.

Some of the combinations are outrageous and playful. Many of the best involve Meringue, as its lightness and texture make it perfect for this kind of playfulness.


Well, with these anything goes really. But Meringues offer something many other dessert materials don’t. Not only are they an especially tasty and tough building block, they are extremely light. Which when building on top of a milk foundation can be amazingly beneficial.

Retro resurgence

Modern culture loves anything ‘retro’. Nostalgia has continued to prove big business, so the search is continually on for anything with that retro sentiment built in. Meringues have got it covered.

Meringues are everywhere. So prepare yourself to be engulfed by images for deconstructed, dry iced, de-fluffed (or whatever it is they’re doing these days) versions of some real throwback classics. Because Baked Alaska, Key Lime Pie, Eton Mess and Pavlova are back.

Whatever next?

That’s the big question. Meringues are proving to be a lot more useful than anyone thought possible. Their sheer simplicity makes them perfect for experimentation. Where they go next is simply down to people’s imagination and inventiveness. What would you do?