Popcorn Trends for 2017!

Popcorn’s meteoric rise continues, with 2017 looking like another incredible year for this hugely versatile snack. From health to indulgence, a lot is happening with popcorn this year. Who knew you could do so much with corn?

Still the healthy snack

It’s still the undisputed king of the healthy snack market. With sales growing by over 170% between 2010-15, there’s no stopping it. It’s leading to more innovation and investment and creating more excitement.

Mindful eating

It’s one of the ‘buzzwords’ for 2017, but what does it mean? Put simply, it’s being aware of yourself and only eating when you’re hungry. While also considering what it is you are eating. Popcorn is the snack for considered snackers.

Probiotic popcorn

Probiotic is going to have a big 2017, and with so many health benefits to offer don’t be surprised if you see it everywhere. Following in the same steps as recent favourites Kefir, Yoghurt and Sauerkraut (which now come as crisps). Probiotic popcorn will combine superfood ingredients (Turmeric, Spirulina, etc.) with probiotic cultures to make something unique and beneficial.

Gourmet gets better

No longer is sweet or salty enough. Our appetites and tastes have grown considerably, as have the range of flavours available. Popcorn has allowed people to let their imaginations and taste buds run wild.

From indulgently sweet to exotic savoury flavours and everything (and we mean everything) in between. Variety and individuality are the very cornerstones of its success. Using simple ingredients (like freeze dried powder and fruit pieces) lets you create amazing flavour combinations fast. The real challenge is to find something that hasn’t already been done.

Here come the big hitters

This success hasn’t gone unnoticed. And, in 2017 some big companies will hit the market in a big way. With companies like PepsiCo now chasing the popcorn pound. So, expect to see range extensions from some well-known brands or smaller artisan brands (like Pop Works & Co. or Metcalfe’s) suddenly receiving a huge boost to their reach and power.

Nutritional Yeast

A somewhat left-field addition to the list, but an exciting one. You can use Popcorn as the perfect partner for this amazingly nutritious extract.

Nutritional yeast is an Umami-rich, Vegan-friendly and creamy flavoured condiment. Perfect for sprinkling on popcorn. It’s a health food partnership other foods could only dream of.

Weddings Bells

People want to personalise every aspect of their wedding, so simple and versatile foods, like popcorn, are ideal. This year expect to spend your summer eating from popcorn stands to Oyster bars in an attempt to make a wedding stand out from the crowd.

Sweet or savoury

Ultimately, what makes popcorn such so exciting in 2017 is you don’t need to make this choice. It’s one of a few snacks that is truly both.

For a light snack, it’s a heavy hitter on flavours. Able to withstand almost any combination of flavours and still be tasty and healthy. If anything, it’s this constant innovation in flavour that has made it a success. Which is why it’s future is so exciting, whether it’s freeze dried fruit, nutritional yeast or something else, no one really knows what’s next for popcorn?