Is ice cream ready for a flavour innovation?

So, you’ve already added salted caramel to pistachio, your kale cookies and cream was a hit, and people are already tiring of banana curry. So, what’s next? Could it be more natural and healthy this time?

New flavours of ice cream don’t create themselves, development from scratch can be a complex job, so don’t start from scratch.

Help! I need to create 5 new flavours by next week…

Innovation in ice cream doesn’t happen overnight unless someone has done some of the technical work for you. What is required are innovative ingredients that simply add flavour and not stress. Our Freeze Dried fruits and flavourings do just this, giving you a range of innovative and tasty ingredients to work with. Which just makes innovation simpler.

What this means is you can quickly develop new flavour combinations, without the worry, time and cost of full ingredient development, production and supply, that is usually required before you even get to putting it in the ice cream. In no time at all you’ve developed Banana and Cardamom, or Raspberry and White Balsamic ice cream (it’s that simple we’re done it ourselves). This is flavour development, only faster.

Why Freeze Dried?

Freeze Dried fruit and flavourings add nothing but fruit. That’s a big deal in today’s healthier, ingredient conscious world. It’s simply ready to go and needs no preparation for use or additional work by your development teams. What could be better than that?

Simply add it to your ice cream and taste. Now your Strawberry and Mint ice cream will taste of real strawberries, because it has real strawberries-not something produced to taste like or give the appearance of them. It’s what people want: natural ingredients that add real flavour and impact.

Other ingredients can require a lot more work and understanding. You’ll have to learn how they can work for you and what their possibilities are, from inclusion rates to moisture content and beyond. With Chaucer’s Freeze Dried ingredients, this work is already done, meaning you don’t have to do it.

Find it hard to believe that innovating new products fast could be this simple?

We can prove it. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll send you some samples today to try for yourself and see what you can come up with.