Mission & Strategy

Mission Statement

...to achieve profitable growth for Chaucer, its stakeholders and its customers via the excellence of our service, product offering and innovation.

Our Mission

Our business strategy is to generate the expected returns for our stakeholders by building a global ingredient & food business supplying the world’s leading food manufacturers supporting the development of our customers and our own great brands.

Our Key Value Drivers

Chaucer will continue to leverage and build on its global manufacturing and supply chain platforms to support both local and global food manufacturers with a genuine differential via its scale & reach to it’s competitors.

Chaucer’s expertise and continuous investment in food technology and product innovation will ensure it continues to lead the field in the development of innovative health & wellness ingredients to meet the growing trend towards healthy eating and nutrition.

Chaucer’s verticality of supply provides a real differentiation to strategic customers with regard to our focus on food safety, robust raw material supply and year on year cost competitiveness.

Chaucer’s expertise in the field of agriculture and agronomy underpins our differentiation in the raw material supply chain.

Chaucer’s relationships with major global food groups allows cross selling opportunities across the Group divisions to maximise sales potential. Chaucer is primarily an ingredient business focused on the B2B sector, but has a niche retail business that is demonstrating real growth potential.

The Modern Slavery Act 2015

The Board of Directors and SMT at Chaucer Foods are fully committed to the implementation and the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This includes the provision of adequate resources, effective communication and review systems, alongside actions taken to enable continuous improvements.

Our employees will be made aware of the risks of slavery and human trafficking and are expected to report any concerns. Management will be expected to act upon them.

To read our full policy of commitment, please download the pdf below.


Sustainability Policy

Chaucer Foods strives to produce top quality freeze food, dried bread products, and other related food products using sustainable methods.  As a global business sourcing raw materials from many developing countries, with own manufacturing facilities in 4 countries, we have a responsibility for thousands of people and the environment in which they live.  We pride ourselves on developing clear policies with a focus on sustainability relating to people, soil, pesticides, water and carbon.

To read our full policy of commitment, please download the pdf below.

Tax Strategy

To read our full policy of commitment, please download the pdf below.


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