Get inspired with Chaucer

Our bread products have far more applications than you may have previously thought.
We are happy to introduce to you our new inspiration zone, which includes recipes for a range of tasty savory treats including a cheese and tomato wrap with bacon sprinkles and penne pasta salad with sun dried tomato sprinkles. Each recipe includes

New opportunities created in Chocolate confectionery

We have come up with an innovative idea to include freeze dried fruit within confectionery products as decoration or as an inclusion. Opening up many new opportunities within the chocolate confectionery sector. A great example of one of our creations is the banoffee chocolate pies, using freeze dried banana slices means the banana will only

Our Freeze drying fruit process can retain goodness

As you may know here at Chaucer foods we manufacture for range of different markets including the freeze drying of fruits and vegetables.
We worked along side researchers at Sheffield Hallam university’s centre for Food Innovation to study the ways in which different fruits and vegetables are affected by freeze drying. We looked in particular